Sheffield Clubbers of the Week: Week four

Can’t stop, won’t stop

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Well, it has officially been a month and you're all still partying like it's Freshers' Week. By now, you'll probably have spent your loan and maybe even maxed your overdraft.

You've most likely shagged someone you'd rather not remember and added a few randomers from a club on Snapchat. Do you even remember what course you're doing? No? Probs all the time you're spending in Leadmill.

Are you all just trying your best to make it onto clubbers of the week? Good. It's week four, Sheffield.

Couple of the week

"Omg my mates warned me not to get with this boy again and now there is going to be photo evidence".

Boyband of the week

When you skip the gym to go CODE so have to get your squats in.

Embar of the week

"I hope she doesn't notice that I spilled my drink before I make my move".

Make-up of the week

"Nah, not just my cheekbones. I'll have an entire glitter beard please".

Group shot of the week

Shoutout to these two with the longest arms in the world.

Do you think his long limbs are why he is wearing a bloody coat in CODE?

Amazing reaction of the week

When you go to show your mate your fit new tinder match and realised he's unmatched you.

Awks of the week

"Babe, stop snapchatting every song, the photographer is here".

Solo pic of the week

What Makes You Beautiful?! This is MY song". Sing it girl!