Everything that will happen on your night out at CODE

Is it really worth the cheap drinks?

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Clubs in Sheffield have their own unique selling point. Whether you are after a night of indie bangers at Leadmill or an evening filled with drum and bass at Tank, there is something that caters to everyone at some point in your week. But what about CODE?

It is almost a mashup of every club in one – but what is a night out in CODE really like?

If you go on Student Saturday, prepare for the queues

You can't go on a night out without having to prepare yourself to be stood in the cold for the best part of half an hour, but when visiting CODE on a Saturday you better make this the best part of an hour or more. You might think that you've outsmarted the queues by buying a ticket in advance. Well no, you haven't because the queue for those with pre-bought tickets is almost longer than the one for those without. Essentially, you start your night at CODE cold, annoyed, and ready to fight anyone who bumps into you ONE MORE TIME. Southerners would be advised to wear a coat.

Get ready for the fuckboys and the Fiat 500 girls

Are these two types of people CODE's only clientele? You walk through the door and are greeted with the smell of Lynx body spray mixed with Vera Wang princess perfume, only to stumble upon an abundance of Stone Island jumpers and Boohoo's latest bodycon number x1000. Asking for a drink other than Dark Fruit at the bar will be received with a confused look as you glance around and wonder if those cheap drinks they promised were worth it.

Single? That's okay – CODE will be blowing up your phone

Obviously a vital part of any night out is the planning of it beforehand – what you're going to wear, where you are going to have pres and of course how much money you are allowing yourself to spend before ultimately breaking that budget.

But fear not! When you decide to go to CODE, part of the planning is done for you with a text being sent earlier in the day to tempt you with their Love Island reject guest appearance or the 90p drinks.

You could text 88802 to opt out, but you don't want to admit to yourself that it actually makes you feel good to be receiving texts from at least someone. To be fair I'd forgotten what my text tone was.

I have counted 25 messages received since September

The smoking area is like an actual prison yard and don't try and convince me otherwise

Picture the scene: you're dancing away to some sweet R&B classics, the taste of your seventeenth Jäegerbomb still on your lips and your friend puts two fingers to their mouth and raises their eyebrows making the international gesture for "shall we go outside for a cig?"

But imagine you are longing for that fresh bit of cold air to hit you and it just never comes. Instead you walk into what can only be described as a prison yard mixed with an actual car park. And not only this but in order to reach the pit of hell you have to walk down a thousand stairs.

Eight times out of ten you are going to be involved in or stood extremely close to a fight. It is like an unwritten CODE rule and I guarantee if you took a birds eye view of the smoking area it would just look like one giant brawl.

What the shitting hell is the music policy?

I understand that CODE has different rooms for different kinds of music but even then I am still confused at who their target consumers are for music. One minute I'm rolling my eyes to Tom Zanetti and the next minute there are so many indie bangers that I may as well be at Sonic Saturday at Leadmill.

Honestly, a night out in CODE consists simply of switching between feeling like you're on ket and feeling like you're at a Courteeners gig – not that these two feelings are mutually exclusive.

"The Chicken Bar" next door is gross and greasy but beautiful

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You stumble out of CODE to be greeted by the smell of the the takeaway shop next door and no matter the strength of your willpower you WILL end up in there. To be honest every time I'm stood in that queue I always consider sacking the night off and taking myself to bed with my cheesy chips.

Actual footage from the Chicken Bar next door…

Actual footage from the Chicken Bar next door…

Posted by Code Sheffield on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In all honesty, even with the prison smoking area, long queues and annoying locals, you can't quite beat a classic night in CODE, and I'll probably see you there with a 90p drink at Wonderland on Tuesday.