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Everything a cat owner can relate to

Let’s face it, your phone will mainly contain cat pictures

Cats, you either love them or hate them, chances are if you're reading this you're just as obsessed as me.

They are funny little animals and don't we know it; not one personality is the same and that's why we love them.

So, you're still unsure if you're really a crazy cat lady (or man) – well, if you relate to all of these then you most definitely are…

Trying to get them in their cat box is a NIGHTMARE

The time has come, your precious little fur baby needs to go to the vets and so is the time to get them in their cat box.

Some people may call cats stupid but I swear, as soon as they see that box it's a full on battle to get them in it. Your arms may be (well, definitely) used as a scratch post in the process.

It's impossible to take a selfie with a cat

Trying to get an image with your cat seems like a great idea, perfect for your insta feed but your cat definitely does not understand this.

You will need a good couple of hours to get a good picture because they do not stay still.

If they're not in the mood you'll get no warning they will probably just scratch or hiss at you but hey, they are so cute you let it go.

When you finally do get a picture, it's definitely worth it for the insta.

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If only he didn't move it could have made a good picture.

They will shred every bit of furniture you own, despite having numerous cat scratch posts

You have numerous scratch posts to stop them from ripping your furniture to shreds but still, they do it anyway.

You try and stop them and they just look at you, stop, then carry on again.

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Leather should not be owned if you have cats – they will rip it apart

Your cat becomes your furry child

You will end up treating your cat like a baby. You'll miss them more than your own family when you're away at uni.

Cats are lazy, let's face it

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Sleep all day, party all night

Half of the time your cats will just be asleep but annoyingly they decided to be wide awake at 1am running up and down your stairs, breaking everything in their way and just causing the most noise possible.

If they hear or smell any food they appear out of nowhere

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I swear cats can smell food for a mile. You go to sit down with your food to turn around and see your cat eyeing up your food even though they have their own.

Apart from all, this we love our cats and accept them for who they are because they're our little fur baby after all.