Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Rachel Lynagh

“There’s not much that isn’t smashing about this Scottish lassie”

We’re in search of Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette and with hundreds of applications flooding in, we present to you the Steel city’s finest.

Our latest bachelorette is Rachel Lynagh, a second year orthoptics student, which means she spends her times studying eyes, which is pretty unique. Rach definitely knows how to have fun. When she’s not studying, she likes “bossing it in races with the swim team, smashing shots in Roar or taking plunge tops to a whole new level.”

Taking plunge tops to a whole new level

Rachel joins the swim team at Roar every week, but she is also a fan of the “banging noughties tunes” that Pop Tarts offers. If Union nights are your thing, then Rach is the girl for you. What’s more romantic than finding love to the soundtrack of noughties classics?

Black and gold forever

Rach is also a big fan of varsity. Though she gets into the competitive spirit during varsity, her nomination states that, “She’s always a hit with the guys, and even strays to Hallam guys if she’s feeling frisky.”

Vote for Rach for bachelorette of the year because, “We don’t want gingers extinct, really, do we?”

Voting for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelorette opens soon.