Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Freya Bracegirdle

She loves gains and golf

We’re in search of Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette and with hundreds of applications flooding in, we present to you the Steel city’s finest.

Next up in the line of steel city babes, we present to you Freya Bracegirdle. You probably already know Freya, a first year International business student at Hallam, but she definitely doesn’t remember your name.

A classic beauty, Freya prides herself in her glorious blond hair, blue eyes and eyebrows. She keeps on top of her game by balancing working hard in the gym and taking it easy with pamper nights to maintain her high standards. According to her nominator, she knows her bum is fab, but feel free to tell her.

Freya is a fan of simple pleasures including shredded wheat and golf, both watching and playing. If you fancy taking a swing at her heart, Freya has the eye for fit golfers, or really any sportsmen, with dark hair and well-groomed facial hair. No glasses though as they might clash with her aesthetic.

Find her in Hallamnation with booze and boys, and then take her out on her dream date of sushi followed by cocktails and R&B slow jams. Maybe even hit the gym the next morning, but bring your own water bottle. Freya doesn’t want your germs.

Voting for Sheffield’s Most Eligible Bachelorette opens soon.