Lucy Harbron

Lucy Harbron
Sheffield University


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These are the best vegan hotspots in Sheffield

Oh did you think vegans just ate salad?

What your IC outfit says about you

We get it, you plan on being here a while

Sheffield student to be sentenced today for terror offences

The sentence follows the raid of his flat in June

Pick out an outfit and we’ll guess your fave Sheffield night out

You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes

Let’s face it, living in halls is better than your second year house

Feel like pure shit just want her back x

Best Dressed in Sheffield: Temperature Drop

What’s cooler than being cool?

Hallam is officially the best dressed uni in Sheffield

We asked, and you answered

The University Of Sheffield has launched a new wellbeing scheme for all undergrads

The three week course is free and open to all

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Abbeydale Road but have been too scared to go and explore

We’ve made you a map and everything

A massive ball pit with endless prosecco is coming to Sheffield

Relive your childhood, but also get bevvy

We talked to the leader of the Sheffield Reusable Revolution

12 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year

We need to talk about the hidden costs of uni

Snakes no longer hiss, they raise their coffee prices

Twisted Burger Co are launching a new menu tomorrow

Take my money

Best Dressed on Campus: Sheffield Freshers’ Week

First impressions count

We spoke to the guy who was gifted all those birthday drinks in Spoons

He’s my new idol tbh

Your ultimate guide to everything there is to do in Broomhill

Your freshers’ stomping ground

This is everything we’ll be wearing on campus in September

Bigger, bolder, better

Everything to do during Fresher’s Week at Sheffield

Think of it as an initiation

People who talk to pets are perfectly normal, according to science

In fact, it might even make you smarter

Breaking: A man with a machete has been arrested outside the Principality Stadium

No one was hurt

London Pride seriously messed up their posters and people are really, really angry

Why is London Pride so straight this year?

Hot tips on how to be a spicy lil hoe this summer

Get that thick dick

We need to stop being so quick to forgive male celebrities

Johnny Depp shouldn’t have been given a platform at Glastonbury

All the reasons we do not deserve Love Island’s Camilla, our new national treasure

She is too pure for this world

The Bullingdon Club got kicked out of Christ Church trying to take their annual photo

Bye mate

Theatre Delicatessen will re-open in a new venue

From an old Woolworths to an old gym

An Exeter Psychology student is favourite to win this year’s Big Brother

He’s admitted that he’s bitchy AF and cheats on everyone

Sheff student gets £1,000 compensation after having his ear bitten off outside Hallam SU

It happened last year

Who thought these profound thoughts first: Love Island’s Marcel or a famous philosopher?

Marcel is the Plato of our time

Brookes third year Ben Holt Evans is your BNOC of the Year 2017

Free shots on him

Someone has organised a ‘Summer Terrace Party’ on the rooftop of Dalston McDonald’s

Supersize the beats

Here are the best dressed people from this year’s Glastonbury

There’s no such thing as extra at Glasto

All the things to return to Sheffield for this summer

If you don’t go to Tramlines are you even a Sheffield student?

Accommodation for Northumbria students set for September will use same cladding as Grenfell

It’s set to house over 400 students

Sheffield exam delayed for almost an hour due to a ‘technical fault’

Have any exams gone without a hitch this year?

UPDATE: Residents react to Kelham Island counter-terrorism raid

Three arrests have been made so far

Outrage as Eduroam goes down in the middle of exams

Did they try turning it off and on again?

Everything to do in Sheffield before you graduate

Carpe Diem, people

BREAKING: Woman raped in Crystal Bar

The police are appealing for witnesses

Sheffield’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nomination: Freya Bracegirdle

She loves gains and golf

An open letter to my anxiety

You’re not the only voice to listen to

The best places to study instead of the IC

Stop making yourself suffer, it doesn’t have to be this way

The SU breakfast sandwich deal is no longer

Goodbye old friend

Where would we be without our mums?

Not all heroes wear capes

It’s official: Passive-aggressive argument season in the group chat has finally arrived

Stay safe out there

It’s time we dropped the ‘cute but psycho’ girlfriend joke

It’s not adorable or funny. It’s abusive

A guide to the most Instagrammable places in Sheffield

How to make your life look better than it really is

Why are we most aware of our womanhood when we are afraid?

All women are taught fear – we’re raised on it