Sheffield lecturer claims acupunture can help guys last longer during sex

No pain, no gain

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Acupuncture could be used by men hoping to last longer in bed, claims a new report by researchers at the University of Sheffield.

Despite advising us last month to grow our virginity back and abstain from sex for a longer life, university experts are now telling us that herbal medicine could be the one to help guys climaxing too soon.

The findings of the study, published in the Sexual Medicine journal, revealed that Chinese herbal medicine increased intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) by about two minutes, while topical cream could see a cheeky increase of more than eight minutes.

Evaluating the 10 randomised controlled trials, researchers also found that two acupuncture studies and Ayurvedic herbal medicine could both help up the time by nearly a minute.

Speaking about the sex stamina boosting therapies, Katy Cooper from the University of Sheffield said: “There are a range of treatments available for premature ejaculation, including drug treatments, behavioural techniques and counselling. ‘

“However, some men may not want to visit the doctor, take drugs long-term or be on a long wait list for counselling.”