You will never guess who is coming to Plug

Clue: It’s Basshunter

All we’ve ever wanted is finally becoming a reality, and Jonas Erik Altberg aka Basshunter is gracing Sheffield with his presence and unique fashion sense, hazar.

The Swedish record producer, singer, and most importantly DJ is playing at Plug on Tuesday 14th March so have your excuses ready for the 15th now.

Expect to hear classics like ‘Now You’re Gone’ from Basshunter’s debut studio album ‘LOL<(^^,)’ while covered in neon paint, like 2007 never left. And yes, that’s the official album name.

He realised his love for The Tab was strong

To add even more excitement to the occasion, Basshunter will be playing both ‘Now You’re Gone’ and ‘All I Ever Wanted’ live, with a personal appearance and a DJ set to boot. If it is on your bucket list to have a photo with the man himself then this is an opportunity to grab with both hands.

Not only will all three rooms in Plug will be open for this, but Plug is also boasting that they will be offering pyrotechnics, a huge Ibiza style smoking terrace (where?) and confetti and glitter cannons, which sound potentially far-fetched but we live in hope.

If there was ever an outfit that proves that the past is truly a foreign land, this is it

With tickets only £4 its looking like an absolute steal, so if you’ve got that one special mate with a birthday in the next few months, what better way to show your love than to treat them to both meeting Basshunter and seeing him play live?

Snatch up tickets here before they sell out.