What’s the biggest lie you have told during freshers?

“I’m a virgin”

University is a prime opportunity to reinvent yourself around an entirely new group of people. Your new flatmates know nothing about you, other than through profuse Facebook stalking, so why not seize the opportunity to tell a couple of porkies? Maybe it’s a little white lie about stealing milk, or maybe it’s a whopper like claiming you had a threesome during ring of fire.

We asked students on the concourse to reveal what the biggest lie they told is, the results were as interesting as expected.

Jamie, third year, Molecular Biology

The staple of student life: milk stealing

Sam, first year, Architecture

We have all been there

Elenor, Law

A strong start

Rosa, first year, Law

“I promise I am going to make it to the club”

Mike, second year, Sports Science

Absolute scandal

Elizabeth, second year, English Lit

The betrayal is real

Beth, Law

Oh my

Dinosaur, third year

Who saw this coming?