It’s not too late to make a homemade statement at Halloween this year

You can still look exquisite on a budget

It’s a familiar situation for all of us at this time of year – Halloween is just around the corner and although you want to look on point, £20-£30 for an outfit is money you can’t afford to spend.

To inspire the lazy and thrifty among you, we designed some sassy ensembles for you to use on your bar crawl this October.

The Ghost


A timeless classic. Literally all you need for this one is a bed sheet and you’re ready to shuffle the night away, without losing any of the spookiness that such a classy costume requires.

The Sheep


We don’t need to remind you how well the cute creature look can go down at pres, we’ve all seen Mean Girls. Using duct tape and cotton balls (plus a little greenery for added authenticity), you can recreate this foxy farm animal look.

The Robot

Peter Crouch eat your heart out

Very rarely does one find a costume which lends itself so obviously to a particular dance move, and when this happens on October 31st it’s very important to embrace the situation. Another enduring classic, dress up as a robot this Halloween and your elbow-heavy dance moves will dominate the floor. All you need is tin foil and a saucepan.


spinning wheel optional

For the darker, gloomier amongst you, there’s the Maleficent look. Since Angelina Jolie portrayed this evil queen flawlessly on the big screen she has been seen as a style icon. With these makeshift horns you can channel both Maleficent’s terrifying aura as well as her scintillatingly vogue look. Too effeminate, lads? Remove the lipstick and call yourself the Donnie Darko bunny. Extremely niche.

The Mummy

Nothing scarier than running out of loo roll

What is there left to say about the Mummy? Arguably the most popular homemade Halloween ensemble since the beginning of time, this classic combines the highly desirable piss-easy DIY aesthetic with pure terror. Just be careful not to unravel when you join in with the Monster Mash at Pop Tarts – keep it elegant, keep it chic.

The Deep-Sea Diver

On my way to steal ur bae

The diver costume is for those of you who want to show off your artistic skills to a potential chirpse this Halloween. Combining parts of a hoover, swanky swimming goggles and some makeshift gas cannisters this outfit embodies the true use-up specialist. Bonus points if you strawpedo a WKD through the nozzle.

The Dan Bean

zen af

The Dan Bean look is the most coveted costume choice this Halloween. Just stick on your Broomhill Friery shirt (if you don’t have one yet, are you even trying?), lose your shoes, and yoga it out. No matter what setting you find yourself in, continue to channel your inner Bean – question the universe, be enthusiastic about fried products.

No matter your choice this weekend, make sure you don’t mug yourself off by paying for pre-made costumes. Score arts and crafts points by designing your own outfit, and keep it stylish in the process. By doing this you will embody the perfect Halloween vibe. Sexy. Scary. Scandalous.