The Paedophile Hunter strikes in Sheffield

He confronts the guy outside the train station


Self-proclaimed vigilante and star of the Channel 4 documentary, Stinson Hunter, has met and claims to have exposed a local Sheffield man in his latest online video.

Stinson is a film maker who poses online as underage girls, and arranges to meet the men who ask them for sex.

He then films the confrontation and posts it on his website and Facebook wall for his half a million followers to see, along with screenshots of messages. He also reports his evidence to police.

In his latest video, posted on Monday, Stinson posed online as a 14-year-old girl and arranged to meet local man, 25-year-old Kyle Woodward outside the train station.

In the conversation screenshots online, Kyle asks who he thought was the young girl if she “liked old boys”, and in the one of the first conversations asked if she would be his “sexy girlfriend.”

Kyle’s messages are in white

The screenshots also show Kyle sending graphic and explicit sexual messages to the “girl”, which in usual Stinson fashion, are completely unreciprocated.

He goes on to claim he’s had a 16 year old girlfriend before, who he met regularly, and that he knew her a week before they got together. He also claims to have had sex with a 14 year old girl in the past.

In the dramatic confrontation, filmed outside the train station, Kyle denies he’s a paedophile and says he’s watched the documentary before.

When asked if he thinks it’s appropriate to exchange sexually explicit messages with what he believes is a 14-year-old girl, Kyle denies asking her for sex and says he’s dyslexic.

Kyle then claims he is a police officer and it’s his job catch people like Stinson out, and how he’s going to “go back to the station” and see if he’s got a criminal record.

The video carries on in the same fashion, and has racked up 318,380 views already.

Kyle’s mum told The Star she now fears for his safety and how while the messages are “disgusting”, it was “entrapment” and Kyle has the “mind of a child”. She thinks this should have been considered before he was exposed on social media.

Stinson has responded to this, saying “He told me he has ADHD and dyslexia – they do not excuse anyone trying to abuse a child. He admitted he knew it was wrong.”