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Dan Bean set to open Friery franchise in the IC

It’s a bid to combat exam stress

The Colour Run is coming back to Sheffield

It’s going to be messy

Broomhill is one of Sheffield’s worst robbery hotspots

Lock your doors

Dom Trendall is our new SU President

“We achieve more together than we achieve alone”

All you need to know about this year’s SU President candidates

It’s that time again

Masters student kicked off course for anti-gay marriage Facebook post

He is appealing the decision

Pop Tarts will be opening for an extra half an hour this week

There is a God

Twisted Burger Company are the best burgers in Sheffield

It’s official

Can everyone please stop mocking Geography degrees?

Just let us live

A man has died after being hit by a train at Meadowhall station

It happened on Tuesday evening

Man left with serious injuries after assault in Great Gatsby

Police are appealing for witnesses

Catfish and The Bottlemen to join Dizzee Rascal as second wave of Tramlines headliners is announced

It’s gonna be big

The ultimate guide to the perfect Galentine’s Day

Live your best life

Greg James said Sheffield’s hills are ‘devastatingly hard’

Literally tell us about it hun

Win a date with Dan Bean this Valentine’s Day

Every girl’s dream

The hills are officially the worst thing about Sheffield

You voted and you really hate them

Dizzee Rascal among first Tramlines headliners announced

Fix up look sharp

Why are you using your damn laptop at a computer desk?

You’re the reason I’m getting a 2:2

Sex attacks are up by nearly 50 per cent in South Yorkshire this year

Surely it’s not just more people reporting it

Bath student ‘tortured’ by Belgian police in unprovoked attack

‘I thought they were going to kill me’

Tab Campaign: Deadlines should be extended after uni internet meltdown

Janet lost her shit again

Prince William’s new bald haircut doesn’t make him any less fit

He’s still the Prince of our dreams

Sheffield is in the top 10 most sexually active unis in the UK

What an accolade

Come Dine With Me are looking for Sheffield contestants

You could be Angry Peter

Hallam is one of the worst unis for cheating in the country

It’s the only league table they’re ever going to top

‘No-one else’ involved in Caroline Everest’s death

A 31-year-old man was released with no further action

A third year Economics exam was cancelled on the spot

It was unanswerable because of printing errors

Going out for Christmas dinner at uni makes you weak

Squad cooking is a ritual

Police release e-fit after woman knocked unconsicous outside Corp

She sustained a fractured cheekbone

Men jailed after being caught with coke in DQ

It prompted a search of their flat

The Tab Sheffield needs you

It’ll be the best thing you do at uni

Outrage at camel on the concourse

So rogue

Rape suspect in Caroline Everest case has been bailed

He was arrested yesterday

Man arrested for rape after death of Caroline Everest

A 31-year-old is in custody

Hallam fresher missing after Saturday night out at Corp

Have you seen Caroline?

Facebook is making it even easier to see less of your ex


‘Beer Census’ finds Sheffield is the best for real ale

When is it not the best?

A man has been stabbed outside Electric Box

He’s in a stable condition in hospital

There’s going to be a candlelit vigil on the concourse tomorrow

129 people were killed in Paris on Friday

Hallam second year attacked on her way home from uni

‘I just haven’t felt up to leaving the house’

Nearly half of girls in Sheffield have been sexually assaulted

Almost a quarter said they have been raped

Bryony Hollands’ killer has been sentenced to eight years

He hit her and her boyfriend in August

Crookesmoor hit-and-run suspect released on bail

A student died in the collision

There have already been three times as many rapes in Sheffield this year

2015 isn’t even over yet

A man has died after being hit by a van on Crookes Valley Road

A 30 year-old-man has been arrested

Two women have been raped in the city centre in the space of two days

Suspect descriptions have been released

WSL ‘comedian’ calls people from Manchester rapists

He also called working class people scum

The word hun is over

U ok hun

Fresher stabbed in Viper Rooms on his birthday

A man has been charged

Student sexually assaulted in Crookes last night

It happened on School Road

English Lit second years are being taught the ‘Art of Masturbation’

The final week of the module is called ‘pleasure, self scrutiny and auto-eroticism’

SU will pay the living wage

About time eh

Hallam fresher found dead in halls

Emergency services were called at 7.35pm

Extra police patrols introduced to reduce Freshers’ Week violence

They think booze is to blame

Sheffield bags 21st spot in Sunday Times league table

Forever better than Hallam

Sheffield will offer a scholarship for asylum seekers

It is the first UK university to do so

Man admits killing Bryony Hollands by dangerous driving

He also pleaded guilty to causing serious injury to her boyfriend

Sleep expert warns 9am starts are akin to ‘torture’

To be fair, you don’t need to be a scientist to realise that

Dick and Dom and The Vengaboys to star at Poptarts Weekender

Boom boom boom

National Rail have made millions by charging us for using train station toilets

It’s enough to make you feel sick

Gogglebox’s Chris and Stephen to make SU club appearance

What a treat

Man charged over Bryony Hollands’ death

She was run over while walking with her boyfriend

Sheffield first year killed in car crash

Her boyfriend was also ‘seriously injured’

Holidaymakers who clap as the plane lands should have stayed at home

Of course it only happens on the budget flights

The ‘hench girl’ obsession is just as dangerous as size zero

Whether it’s thin or stacked, being addicted to how you look is never healthy

Forge hub to stay open: SU bow to social media pressure

Power to the people

Hallam gamer geeks release first ever student made PS4 game

Not bad for a poly

Your graduation wedding proposals are ruining everyone else’s big day

Babe it’s not all about you

SU planning to shut down the Forge Press media hub

#SaveOurHub was trending in Sheffield yesterday

Azeem Ward described this Naveed house remix as ‘nice overall’

It’s a house mash up of his flute recital and Naveed’s first rap

Consent workshops to be introduced for freshers next year

They’ll explore myths about rape, victim blaming and slut shaming

BNOC 2015: The winner

Spoiler alert: she has abs

Aslan’s has shut down again and it seems to be for good

It’s boarded up and everything

BNOC 2015: The Final

It’s here

Fresher died of cancer after doctors thought she wanted to look like a ‘stick insect’

She was diagnosed on the day she was meant to start uni

I don’t care if it’s practical, your bum bag looks revolting

Why would you do it to yourself?

BNOC of the year: Group four

Get your votes in, it’s the final heat

Law lecturer kills it on Come Dine With Me

He won with meatloaf as a starter

BNOC of the year: Group two

Get voting

The Guardian has ranked us the 2nd worst Russell Group uni

Even Keele beat us

BNOC of the year: Group one

The time has come

Do you want to help run The Tab Sheffield next year? This is how

It’s the best thing you’ll do at uni

Chaos as five people trapped in the IC lift

One boy said he “couldn’t breathe”

Is Dan Bean bathing in this pond the most beautiful thing ever?

Quite possibly

Panic’s over: Aslan’s has reopened again

There is a God

We’re getting a 1,000ft waterslide in town this summer

For real

We tried the 1kg Burrito Challenge

Doing it for the gals

This fresher has three kids and is more on top of life than you

She got pregnant at 17

So Nick Clegg is still our Sheffield Hallam MP

22,215 people voted to keep him in

Tab poll results: Someone read Nick Clegg his last rites

Over half of our readers voting in Sheffield Hallam are set to back Labour

Nipping point: How pierced nipples went mainstream

More girls than ever are getting their nips pierced. Why?

We beat Oxbridge in the latest uni league tables

Great effort team

Are you Sheffield’s BNOC of the year?

Nominations are O P E N

Hallam dunces can’t even spell ‘varsity’ – how the hell do they expect to win it?

You couldn’t make it up

We’re finally getting a Five Guys

Your prayers have been answered

CCTV appeal after alleged Carver Street rape

Do you recognise this man?

Physics fourth year fills in for Nick Clegg at election debate

Could he not be arsed, or was he scared?

Gino D’Acampo has legally changed his middle name to Sheffield

Yes, really

This soon-to-be fresher has made over £30,000 in a fortnight

What have you done today

Uni knocked off the top in new student experience survey

We obviously still rinsed Hallam

Eating unhealthily is the reason you get PMS according to this clever doctor

No more pizza or chocolate