What’s your WhatsApp group name?

A selection of the weird and wonderful

| UPDATED national noad

We scoured the SU in search of the funny, cringy, and the slightly disturbing, and here is what we found.

Melissa Potter, Psychology second Year

A warning to freshers: enjoy your heating while it lasts. Soon you’ll hit arctic temperatures, and judging by this so will your puns.

Simrang and Umang

 (They didn’t want to leave their details… wonder why?) 

These gentlemen left us gobsmacked after demonstrations and diagrams accompanied their group names. We’ll leave it to your imagination

Take note girls, the best group chat name to keep the fellas away.

Tori Klays, English and Theatre second year

An ode to the classy ladies of Crookesmoor. Nice use of alliteration.

Stephen Geller, Psychology first year

Rob Baird, Zoology second year

 There seemed to be a correlation between bearded guys and poo… Discuss.

Charlotte Myerson, Biomedical Science second year


James Elliot, Sociology first year

Petition for this to become an official society at uni?

Sometimes you’ve just got to embrace that inner badman.