Abused hedgehog is now recovering and ‘eating for England’

It had its spines cut off with scissors

The word hun is over

U ok hun

Fresher stabbed in Viper Rooms on his birthday

A man has been charged

Third year donates bone marrow and then goes on a mad one to Pop Tarts

The marrow has now been used to save someone’s life

Sleep expert warns 9am starts are akin to ‘torture’

To be fair, you don’t need to be a scientist to realise that

National Rail have made millions by charging us for using train station toilets

It’s enough to make you feel sick

Holidaymakers who clap as the plane lands should have stayed at home

Of course it only happens on the budget flights

The ‘hench girl’ obsession is just as dangerous as size zero

Whether it’s thin or stacked, being addicted to how you look is never healthy

Your graduation wedding proposals are ruining everyone else’s big day

Babe it’s not all about you

Law freshers sit bizarre Game of Thrones themed exam

It made shameless references to Harry Potter too

How to keep cool in the library

Keeping it icy in the IC

Fresher died of cancer after doctors thought she wanted to look like a ‘stick insect’

She was diagnosed on the day she was meant to start uni

I don’t care if it’s practical, your bum bag looks revolting

Why would you do it to yourself?

This fresher has three kids and is more on top of life than you

She got pregnant at 17

Tab poll results: Someone read Nick Clegg his last rites

Over half of our readers voting in Sheffield Hallam are set to back Labour

Meet Naveed: Sheffield’s answer to Jay-Z

‘I’m not a BNOC, I’m just Naveed’

Hallam dunces can’t even spell ‘varsity’ – how the hell do they expect to win it?

You couldn’t make it up

Drink-driving Hallam student smashed into carer after being distracted by rolling bottle

He was three times over the limit

Traffic light parties are tragic

The guy who wears all three colours is the worst

What’s your WhatsApp group name?

A selection of the weird and wonderful