Campus marshalls will be making sure RHUL students stick to coronavirus rules

Students can now be fined up to £200 for not wearing a face mask

Campus marshalls will be introduced to RHUL’s campus to ensure that students comply with coronavirus rules.

“You will see a higher presence on campus of our security colleagues. Their role is to explain the guidelines and encourage everyone to play their part in keeping campus covid-secure,” Principal Paul Layzell announced in an email to all students this afternoon.

Marshalls will have the power to issue hefty fines, which increase from £50 for a first offence to £200 for a third offence, to students who fail to comply with the rules.

The rules now include compulsory face coverings indoors and outdoors (where it is difficult to maintain social distancing) and the rule of six, with campus marshalls to ensure compliance.

Students who are unable to wear a face-covering due to a medical condition will be expected to indicate this by wearing a sunflower symbol or a yellow lanyard.

“The requirement to use face coverings indoors, the introduction of new fines and the need to have marshalls to help maintain social distancing are not steps we have taking [sic] lightly. However, we have a responsibility to ensure that the actions of a minority do not put our whole community at risk. I hope that we will all follow the legal rules and guidelines, they are designed to keep you safe,” Layzell added.

The announcement comes after a student told SurreyLive that they feel unsafe on campus after rule breaches at freshers’ parties held on campus this week.

Layzell responded by promising tougher rules for students to ensure compliance with coronavirus regulations.

“Unfortunately, some students are not [following the rules]. We are taking action to address this by introducing new specific Covid-19 fines and penalties. These will sit alongside our existing Code of Conduct, which applies both on and off-campus,” he told SurreyLive.

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