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Meet Ollie Williams, the ex-RHUL rugby captain on winter Love Island

He’s the heir to a Cornish estate

Former Royal Holloway Criminology student Ollie Williams has been announced as one of the first boys heading to the villa for winter Love Island 2020.

Ollie, who graduated from RHUL in 2018, will be spending up to four weeks in the new winter Love Island villa in South Africa.

We've talked to inside sources and found out everything there is to know about the RHUL grad, including his love for SU Wednesdays and the fact that he literally owns a beach. Yes. He owns a beach.

He's the heir to a Cornish Estate and owns Polzeath beach

Ollie is the heir to his family home the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall. He will become the Lord of the Manor after his father dies or abdicates as he is the eldest of his three siblings. Ollie Williams' home is worth £9m.

It is also rumoured that he uses the fact his family owns Polzeath Beach as a pick up line for the ladies. A not-so-humble brag, if you will.

He studied criminology at RHUL

Ollie graduated in 2018 from Royal Holloway University of London with a degree in Criminology.

Works as a Junior Estate Manager on the Estate he is set to inherit

On Ollie's LinkedIn profile it says that the 23 year old currently is working as a Junior Estate Manager at Lanhydrock, following in his father's footsteps.

He not only has work experience as Racing Assistant at Highclere Thoroughbred Racing but as a Gunroom Assistant for Holland. How very posh boy of him!

Ollie also states that he volunteered for two months over in Mozambique as an Anti-Poaching Assistant. Doesn't really go hand in hand with his love for shooting pheasants but here we are!

He was captain of the RHUL Rugby team

During his time at university, Ollie also led the University Rugby team. Here's a pic of him in action:

He loved an SU Wednesday

As all good sports boys do, Ollie lived for SU Wednesdays when he was at Royal Holloway. One inside source, who studied at the same time as Ollie, told The Royal Holloway Tab: "Yeah he loved SU Wednesdays, like the ones where you dress up – he was always there."

He drove his Mercedes onto Founders Field

A source told the Tab Royal Holloway: "When it was summer ball and we were all sitting on the grass outside Founders, he rocked up in his Merc and drove onto the grass. Then he started having a full photoshoot on top of the car." Rumour has it he now drives a Golf instead, though. Bit of a downgrade, Ollie?

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When she isn’t impressed by your new whip ?#C63AMG

A post shared by Ollie Williams (@olliesjwilliams) on May 26, 2018 at 12:12pm PDT

Travels the world quite a bit

From his Instagram it's clear that Ollie enjoys a life full of constant holidays. He has recently been to Turks and Caicos and India. He's been Skiing in France and has partied in Ibiza.

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Cold beers! ?#tb

A post shared by Ollie Williams (@olliesjwilliams) on Apr 30, 2019 at 12:07pm PDT

Hopefully all these holidays will mean he's one hundred per cent ready for the villa. Go and bring home the gold for RHUL, Ollie.

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