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RHUL students, register to vote by midnight tonight!


The general election is on the 12th December and it is within your right to vote! You have until midnight tonight to register to vote if you're not registered already.

For those who are at uni for the election, as term doesn't end until the 13th December, it's important for you to know that you be registered at both university and at home!

However, you can only vote in one of those places – it is just important that you get your vote in somewhere.

How do I register?

Are you 16 or over? Are you a UK, Irish, EU or Commonwealth citizen with a permanent address? THEN YOU CAN VOTE.

If you haven't registered already and seeing this article is the reminder you needed, click here to register. DO IT NOW. You have until the end of today. Don't miss out.

Alternatively, there is an option for you to vote by post. Your application for this needs to be in by 5pm today (26th November).

Where is the nearest poll booth to Royal Holloway?

There are two noted poll booths near Royal Holloway currently, these could be subject to change nearer the time. You can check your nearest poll booth here.

The first and easiest poll both for all those voting at uni is in RHUL itself, in the Arts Building, Room G3.

The second poll booth for those not living on campus and especially those in Egham Town is The Egham Band Hall, Station Road.

Get yourself down to one of them on the 12th.

About your poll card

Don't worry if on the day you forget your poll card, you can still go to the poll both, say your name and you will still be able to vote.