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RoHo’s most eligible bachelor 2019: The winner

The results are in

Over the last few weeks you've been voting in your hundred's for RoHo's fittest singleton. After three intense rounds, Aadam has been crowned Royal Holloway's most eligible bachelor 2019.

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King of the football social league and full- time masters student, Aadam has certainly caught a few people's eye. He smashed the final round, winning the contest with 343 votes, a victory 65.21 per cent.

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How do you feel about winning?

I feel pretty top notch. All I do is collect accolades and this is another I intend to put in my overflowing trophy cabinet. I'm hoping this will be the accolade that lifts me to eternal greatness and solidifies my status as the VK King.

Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

I'd like to thank the boys at social league specifically EGFC and FC Club De Moore Grove, the Ramado's + Ramadont's group chat (mainly Toby as my profile pic has seen a lot of use), Avengers C Team, Alexandra, Sarina, Alexa, my family for providing the genetics to birth such a legend and finally my mum for putting up a canvas of me in the living room.

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What's the secret to becoming RoHo's most eligible bachelor?

If you run social league you have a solid fanbase there. Otherwise I think you just need to go as the banter candidate and capitalise on this. In all honesty though I feel my success can't be replicated given my unique circumstances #COYAADAM

What is your ideal first date to impress the ladies?

I've exhausted nandos too many times so I think it will have to be a bit more ambitious. Maybe Tommy's ? Given my level of fame I've achieved I hope they're not gold diggers trying to leach off of my prosperity – no one has time for asset splitting. I'm hoping whoever I take on a date is really keen on seeing my Dino lamp as it's one of my prized possession. I don't know what dinosaur it's based on but I imagine given its sheer mass it is the Danny Dyer of dinosaurs. Proper naughty.

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