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Founders Reading Room Re-Opened

There will be 96 more study spaces for students

Closed in 2017 for renovation, the oldest library on campus has finally reopened.

Freshers and second years will not know the joys of Founders: The cold, the smell of old books, and being able to hear everything in the quad. But many finalists are overjoyed that Hogwarts is back.

Previously known as Founders Library, the university has re-opened some of what used to be available to students, freshly renovated in order to provide more study spaces. The reading room was opened yesterday by Paul Layzell and the VP Education Jack O'Neill, captured live on the SU's insta story.

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The renovated reading room will provide 96 additional study spaces to those in Emily Wilding Davison Library, as well as housing 27,500 academic journals. The library will now be open 24hrs a day, instead of the selection of hours it used to stay open.