VOTE! BNOC of the Year: Group 3

“If I win I’ll get the darkest spray tan possible”

Take your pick from today’s BNOC wannabes and vote below to put your favourite through to the final!

John McLarty

“If I won I’d have a massive prees at mine followed by a VK-fuelled SU night… and the same if I didn’t win.”

Katie O’Gormon

“My friends always say how pale I am, so if I win I’ll go and get the darkest spray tan available and they can all laugh at me for a while.”

Rob Mosley

“If I won BNOC of the year I promise to continue my loutish behaviour on and off campus. Why I should win? I’m the biggest scallywag there is #straightouttaenglefieldgreen.”

Max Lawson

“I should win because I help you with your problems as a course rep, organise some great events in the SU, and at the end of the night I’m there to drive you home in the SSHH Bus too. And if I win… I’ll quit all those jobs and become a full-time BNOC!”

Tegan Marlow

Tegan is RoHo’s favourite ginger, “If I win I’ll go to the SU in Heelys, and I should win because my bant is on fleek.”