Charley Scoggins

Charley Scoggins
Royal Holloway


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We spoke to the students in the overcrowded queue at Medicine last night

“We understand going out is a luxury, but waiting in this queue and being felt up by people in it is not a luxury.”

Steps have released a new album and I am 100% here for it

It’s already topping the album charts

The back gate will be open 24/7 next term

Lol if you still have to walk round after the sesh until then

The SU have announced that The Packhorse will be open for summer term

It will be open from 22 May

SU dispel rumours: Chase and Status WILL be present at Summer Ball

Rumours emerged after the duo’s website said they’d be in Frankfurt on 2nd June

Summer Ball will now be held at the Thistle Hotel

There are safety concerns surrounding the expanding construction site outside Founder’s

Clubbers of the Week: Election Night Special

Featuring a guy dressed as Donald Trump

What your chosen night out at RHUL says about you

Loving the SU doesn’t make you a party animal

There was another Anti-Fascist protest outside uni today

“I don’t class myself as extreme right” The Tab were told in an exclusive interview

Monkeys has just put out a farewell event

But the SU want you to know they are definitely not buying Monkeys

My nipples are on show, so what?

Eight groups on Tinder Social messaged me about them this weekend

‘Pet a Jellyfish’ is back, and it’s still a hoax

It’s even sparked an animal rights protest

Founder’s West was evacuated last night

The college said it was unsafe for students to stay there

There’s now a burger van outside the SU

They want to make a regular appearance

We spoke to the students protesting against the neo-nazi group coming to campus

There’s going to be a demonstration on Saturday, and the university haven’t warned students

RHUL are competing in Varsity for the first time ever

It was announced last night

These were the best-dressed people at this year’s Bestival

There were a lot of silver leggings

These are all the things that lasted longer than Brock Turner’s sentence

He served three out of his six months for sexual assault charges

Things you’ll only get if you went to a slightly dodgy comprehensive school

We all thought we were hard af

I’m a woman and I don’t find catcalling offensive

Am I the only one?

‘Age is only a number’: Young mums tell us what it’s like raising a child

‘I get looks from strangers but hold my head high’

I tried leg contouring to see if it was as ridiculous as it seems

It took an hour and two people

BNOC of the Year: The Finalists

It’s the final countdown

BNOC of the Year: Group 5

This is the final batch of nominees

BNOC of the Year: Group 4


VOTE! BNOC of the Year: Group 3

“If I win I’ll get the darkest spray tan possible”

VOTE! BNOC of the Year: Group 2

“I’d have a drum and base night in my honour”

VOTE! BNOC of the Year: Group 1

You’ve gotta be in it to win it

Mums tell us what they think university is like

‘A doobie, I think, is the name for a joint’

Screw your first – you’re more employable if you get a 2:1

Sitting in the library for three years won’t get you enough life skills

The universities with the most STDs

Chlamydia was the most common infection

An expert tells you what to eat to help you revise

You can still have chocolate

RHUL’s BNOC of the Year: Nominations are now OPEN

This is very important

Waitress reduced to tears by Rhodes Must Fall co-founder has called him ‘a bit of an idiot’

She says Qwabe should be disciplined by Oxford

Spencer Matthews opens up about his late brother

Michael Matthews died descending Everest

People with their phones on loud are the worst

can u not

An ode to the UGG boot

It’s time we said goodbye to the icon of 2009

What it’s like living with a chronic illness at university

“I can do everything you can, but it hurts”

Students film GBBO spin-off for Cancer Research fundraiser

They even got Martha from GBBO’s 5th series to judge it

What it’s like being a Christian at uni

I love VKs just as much as the next sinner

Where’s the best place to find eligible men at RoHo?

‘Look in the gutter – that’s where I found mine’

Yik Yak has been kicking off some bizarre rumours about Summer Ball

Bieber would be great, thanks

Third year house almost burgled

One resident was alone in the house when two strangers tried to break in

The definitive list of everyone in your lectures

If you’re that person with the smelly crisps, we hate you

Winchester is the greatest place in the UK

It was actually the capital city once, don’t forget us

Man arrested after reports of attempted sexual assault in Egham

Two women were attacked in Egham and Englefield Green

An English second year swapped lectures with her BioMed housemate

‘The only part I understood was a slide with puppies on it’

The best secret santa presents in Egham for a fiver

I use the term ‘best’ loosely…

I let my boyfriend dress me for my birthday weekend

He thought he’d ‘created a masterpiece’

Signs your housemates are turning into your parents

‘What time do you call this?’

Confessions: What’s your most embarrassing SU story?

‘I was thrown out after one minute and had to get the Sshh Bus back to Founders’