‘For us, everything is essential’: Meet the man behind Egham Essentials

He has everything you could ever need

Egham Essentials is a vital part of life at RoHo, living up to its name in every way. But what about the man behind the shop? We had a chat with Nermon Sefre, manager of the family-owned business, to ask why they thought it was so successful, especially with students.

Even from down the street, the shop’s products are vividly displayed, wild with colour, inviting customers to come in. Nermon had a lot to say about his work and his shop which has everything you could want: affordable essentials and amazing customer service.


Nermon showing his love for his shop

The shop is visible from miles away!

You’ll spot the shop from miles away

Is this a family business? And how long has it been running for?

It’s a family business and we’ve been working for the last seven years. The whole business has been running nearly ten years and we also have a few other shops in different locations, since expanding our business.

Do you think a lot of your business comes from the students of Royal Holloway?

I’d definitely say at least 50 per cent of our business comes from Royal Holloway students. We do all sorts of things, as the name says, we’re “Egham Essentials” – it literally means what it says. We sell bits and pieces for locals as well as for students, which I believe is why it has become so attractive.

There's everything a student could want and need!

There’s everything you could want and need

What would you consider to be the weirdest thing you sell?

The weirdest thing we sell? If I’m honest, I don’t sell anything I consider to be weird. If we see a demand, we get the products in. For us and our customers, everything is an essential.

How are you preparing for Halloween and Christmas?

We’ve already displayed a wide range of Halloween products here and closer to the time we’ll also be having a Christmas section.

Egham Essentials is really preparing for Halloween this year

Really pulling out all the stops for Halloween this year

What would be your advice to any freshers this year, or even returning students?

Just don’t forget us. Keep coming, and tell others too. If you have any suggestions of things you want to see, please do tell us. We encourage our customers to let us know so we can get them the products they want, when they want.

Endless Essentials

Endless essentials

Nermon greets every customer with a friendly smile and attitude which makes Egham Essentials such a brilliant place to go. From our brief chat it was clear he really loves his business and would do anything for his customers.

School supplies, fur rugs, make up, fancy dress costumes, phone cases, mirrors – the shop really does what it says, providing all the essentials anyone needs at an affordable price and that’s why we all love it.