Meet the stylish second years behind RHUL’s new Fashion Society

‘I’d like to see more tweed on campus’

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RoHo has long been a stylish uni, but now it’s official: second years Alexander Sundgren and Joshua Matthews are two of the committee members behind the brand new Fashion Society. We met up with them to learn more about Royal Holloway’s chicest society.

Alex on the left, Josh on the right

How does it feel to have been approved as a fully-fledged society? 

“Stressful.” That was Alex’s reply.

Alex has been working the behind the scenes facing the challenges that come with running a society: organisation, socials, finance, the list goes on.

But he isn’t alone and Joshua gave a different response. “The Freshers’ Fair made all of us realise it was real”.

Fashionable freshers

What does “Come In Your Soc” mean to you?

“Come in your own style.”

So it doesn’t mean just wear amazing ballgowns. The society is focused on individuality. The Barbie slogan “Be who you want to be” springs to mind.

What kind of socials do you have in mind?

“I feel like it’s nice to be flexible,” Josh, who is also a member of the Middle Eastern Society, replied. He then said: “Working with cultural societies will hopefully allow people to think more about fashion in general. We couldn’t be biased. You have to be accommodating, but I like that.”

Fashion soc aren’t about telling you what you can and can’t wear, it’s about comfort, collaboration, diversity, culture and community, and this is what you can expect from their socials.

What can a member expect?

“The idea is to create a community… run on the interests of the members.” Members can expect discussion, a hell of a lot of socials and trips to London for shows: perfectly Made In Chelsea.

Always looking like a celeb

What do you think of Royal Holloway’s style?

Josh: “I love it… I love the contrast of modern and old.”

Alex: “I’d like to see more tweed… I’d like to see more grandmas.”

The Committee, 100 Insta-followers and counting…

Vintage or Minimal?

Josh: “Minimal, straight up.”

Alex: “Traditional, classic menswear… I like pretty much anything your grandfather wears.”

How would you change my clothes?

I braved it, expecting harsh criticism, but nope. Ok, Alex wasn’t into the T-shirt but the trousers saved me.

“Just keep up the pants.”

Always. Keep. The. Trousers.

So how can you get involved?

Join the 246, sign up to the newsletter and check out the @fashion_rhul Instagram page. It’s actually so awesome, there’s even a red carpet thing happening.