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Here are all the classic fashion staples every boy at uni should own

If you don’t know, get to know

After filling you in on all the classic fashion staples every girl at uni in Newcastle will own, it seemed only fair for the boys to get in on the action.

Again, and not to be stereotypical, it is fairly common in lectures to see boys who have clearly crawled out of bed and just thrown on a pair of joggers and a hoodie. But incase you were tired of that, here are five staples if you fancied changing it up occasionally.

Puffer jacket

A staple that most boys should already own. Any one with a puffer jacket and carrying their laptop without its case, probably lives in Leazes. But despite being a classic association with 'rahs', puffer jacket are probably the warmest and comfiest jacket of all time. Rain or shine they are a perfect, minimalist accompaniment to any look. Swingers? Puffer jacket. Lecture? Puffer jacket. Chilling in bed? Puffer jacket.

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An alternative to a girl's staple of a headband (although if you boys fancied wearing a headband there would be no judgements if you're going for that young David Beckham look). Again, like the comfortable puffer, a beanie is a smart and particularly warm accessory, especially for winter. A beanie can finish any outfit, or to even hide really bad bed hair.

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Cargo trousers

Cargos have started to make a comeback in mainstream fashion – hard to believe, right? But they actually look pretty good. Not just for utility, but you can finally actually fit your wallet and phone into your pocket! And we can also finally say goodbye to guys wearing too-tight-jeans that clearly don't fit them, enough is enough. Instead try out these baggy, comfortable and stylish alternative. The rugged, wear and tear look is even becoming quite smart.

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Air Max

Where would a fashion staples list be without the classic Air Max. These perfect and comfy shoes can be slipped on for a 9am lecture – easy. With so many different types (from 95s to 97s and in a rainbow of colours), the needs of every trainer savvy lad will be satisfied.

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Shoulder bag

In Year 9 you only ever wore your Classic Vans backpack…look how far we've come. Now clothing companies are consciously realising the appeal and need for utility fashion, be it for carrying everyday items or even for nights out (an easy way to stop your phone being stole). Again, in every shade of colour you can imagine and a small and useful accessory, a shoulder bag is a must have staple.

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Photo credits: Instagram @robsrack