Here are all the classic fashion staples every girl at uni in Newcastle will own

Although for comfort, joggers win every time

The hardest question for any uni student in the morning is always "can I bothered to make an effort?", "is it worth it?". Most of the time the answer would be a big fat no, with most of us silently wishing it was socially acceptable to wear your two-year-old Christmas pyjamas and fluffy pink blanket to lectures (guilty!). However, sadly, we all realised maybe sometimes we should make an effort and by gathering staple items for your wardrobe, this can be easier than ever.

The headband

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Although by no standards a new accessory with Blair Waldorf (fashion icon) in late 2000s rocking this style, it has undergone great transformation. A black headband or even one in every different colour is a perfect and easy way to accessorise your outfit. You'll constantly find yourself reaching for one every day as an easy way to push the hair out of your face without looking like an egg with a tight ponytail. Walk past Blanc on a Tuesday for headband galore – you won't be disappointed.

Puffer Jacket

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Ah the classic puffer, where would a Newcastle university fashion staples list be without one? Comfy, minimalistic and available just about anywhere and everywhere in an explosion of colours and materials, the puffer is a perfect asset to any wardrobe. Also, if you live in Castle Leazes or Jesmond and don’t own a puffer, you should probably rethink and buy one RIGHT now.


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We’ve come a long way since the 2013/14 fashion of skin tight Joni jeans courtesy of Topshop, we’ve ditched all that and gone for FLARES. Possibly the comfiest trouser to ever exist, which flatters every body type, height, what more could you possibly want? You can wear them to uni, to Swingers, Osborn Road – they word for anything. (TIP, do not buy from misguided unless you are 6ft.)

Turtlenecks and t-shirts

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The ultimate comfort for style, funky or plain turtlenecks are an easy way to jazz up any outfit for casual wear or even a night out on a chilly (or snowy) night out on the Toon. They pair best with a graphic t-shirt for a funky yet weather-appropriate, comfy uni look.

Staple Shoe

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No outfit could possibly be complete without some good old comfy trainers. Night out, trainers. 9am lecture, trainers. Live in Leazes, trainers (probs some fila disruptors). Whatever the occasion trainers are a girls' best friend. The pair that everyone should own is the classic Nike Air Force typically in white or black. These are so versatile, going with any outfit due to their minimalistic look and the slight platform that gives the short gals the extra boost they need to assure you they are over 5" (by an inch). Also, Air Force are by far the comfiest trainers to ever be worn. If you're feeling even jazzier you can get them in suede.