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Newcastle clubbers of the week: Who went hard on the last week of term

‘Let’s get a cute end of term pic’

Whether you embraced your fave Christmas jumper or stuck to your classic nice top and jeans, it was the last week of term before Christmas and you had to have one last big night out looking fabulous. And you did not disappoint, so here are some of the best snaps of the week.

When you spot your ex in the club

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"So how big actually is it babe?"

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Getting to the bar is going to be a struggle

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The moment you realise you missed your deadline

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Before the DJ plays Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

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…and after

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"I'm not speaking to anyone else"

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What a show off

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Photo Credits: Aaron Shaquille Carlton (Club Trop), Harry Craig (Tiger Wednesdays), AJR Photography(MSA), Chris Gray Photography (Soho Rooms), Dirty Little Secret (Tup Tup)