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The Siemens Boat Race of the North against Durham returns this month

It’s the annual competition on the River Tyne

The annual Siemens Boat Race returns on the 17th March. The Newcastle boating teams will take on Durham once again, in a 1,500m stretch between the Redheugh Bridge and the Millennium Bridge on the River Tyne.

From 2:30pm till 4pm, ten races will take place between both the boys and girls firsts and seconds teams. With Newcastle wining the the last two years in a row, the competition is a fierce as ever and the atmosphere on the Quayside promises to be worth the chilly weather.

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Colin Blackburn, Director of Sport, Newcastle University said: “The Siemens Boat Race of the North will be a great spectacle for the public to enjoy as well as a fantastic opportunity for our rowing teams to showcase their talents and hopefully bring back the Siemens Boat Race of the North title and trophy. We’re grateful to both NE1 and Siemens for supporting the event and helping to bring it back to the Tyne.”

There will be a race every ten minutes, the time table is as follows:

JW8 Tyne vs Durham Clubs

JM8 Tyne vs Durham Clubs

Women NUBC vs DUBC – Freshers

Men NUBC vs DUBC – Freshers

W8 Tyne vs Durham Clubs

M8 Tyne vs Durham Clubs

Women NUBC vs DUBC – 2nd eights

Men NUBC vs DUBC – 2nd eights

Women NUBC vs DUBC – 1st eights

Men NUBC vs DUBC – 1st eights

Come on, Newcastle!

Photo Credit: James Waller / Newcastle University Boat Club Facebook page