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Shijo officially voted the best lunch spot in Newcastle

Katsu to die for

With over 900 votes for the best place to grab some lunch in town, Shijo has come out on top with a whopping 46% of votes. With the conveniently placed spot in Haymarket station luring in passers by in with the smell of fresh Japanese food, theres no surprise it's so well loved.

Frankie and Tony's was also highly rated with 25% of votes, ideal for those who just want to pick up a quick subway alternative if you don't think Japanese food is for you. This was followed by Eat4Less with 15%.

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Pleased with their victory

At Shijo whether you're treating yourself and splashing out a fiver on a full hearty meal or just after some £1.50 spring rolls, you won't be disappointed.

The friendly staff always up for a chat and the window seats are perfectly placed for some lunch hour people watching. Sack the Robbo caf and your sad old salad because this is the place to be.

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Their concept is fast food but high quality, its healthier and arguably tastier than McDonalds, plus its closer to campus if you're feeling lazy. Shijo told The Tab Newcastle: "we believe students need this food" – they've never been so right.

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So, if you've not tried their yakisoba or their katsu yet, get yourself down there after your next midday lecture. A student discount is also offered on rice dishes and the noodle soup.

The final results were:

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