It was close, but Wesmond is officially better to live in than Jesmond

The votes came in SUNbury-side up

The Tab Newcastle recently asked the age old question, that plagues the mind of Newcastle students, every year around this time: where to live Jes or Wes? The debate over the Dene or the Metro, R&K’s or Tesco have always divided the masses. With over a 1,000 of you voting, the results are now in and West Jesmond has been crowned the better area to live.

Despite Jesmond’s perks of Pinetree and banging house parties, Wesmond has come out on top with 56% of the vote. And who, really, is that surprised? West Jes is undoubtedly the more classy of the two. With Brentwood Avenue being dubbed the ‘Chelsea of the Toon’,  why would you stoop any lower? Third-year Urban Planning student Elliot, defends West Jesmond: “It’s conveniently close to the Metro and close to Arlo’s and Fro-Yo… I mean, who can possibly live without frozen yoghurt for more than a week?!”

West Jesmond’s watering hole

The ease of West Jesmond says it all. Hopping off the Metro at 9pm on a Sunday evening, weekend depression hitting hard, all you really want to do is go to Sainsbury’s and buy your Sunday evening comfort food, before a short walk home. Sunday evening fishcakes, I think so… The extra trek to Jesmond is a bit too much.

[infogram id=”00d090a9-fc5a-4807-98ac-426ad3338dff”]

Third year Hannah, studying English Literature and History, states: “West Jesmond and Jesmond might not be united geographically, but they are in spirit and identity. Living in West Jesmond you get all the benefits of living in a student hub, with the addition of the Metro at your doorstep plus access to a shop that closes at 11pm on a Sunday.”

Supermarket haven

It’s a no brainer and any Jesmonder claiming they like to walk to uni to save money is clearly just jealous, Jesmond is so last year. Wesmond is always our winner.