Bushies is the only place to end your night in Worcester

You can go out on your own and still find people you know

The only thing which has put Worcester on the map is the sauce – and no American is able to pronounce it. The tiny city you call home doesn’t have the best nightlife, but I think we can all agree Sin and Bushies rule the clubbing scene.

After Sin shuts at one, making our way down town, walking fast, faces past and we’re homebound to Bushies. The walk is one that bonds you to strangers and some of the sights you see on the way will make you question why your parents chose to live here, but you hate to love it. Buying the pre-pays to avoid the queue is almost pointless: everyone gets them so you have to queue anyway.

Hi queue jump

One of the best things about Bushwackers is the smoking area. Even if you don’t smoke this is the place to be and to be seen. The big heaters are a godsend and as we gently sway to the distant music from inside chatting to old friends, our heads slightly burning under the heaters. If you’re lucky you might even be able to get a chair to sit on, but be careful who is nearby as there is a chance someone might projectile onto your foot.

You suddenly hear the beat to “your song” and dash inside to make your way across the dance floor. Granted the music can be iffy in the main room, but the multi coloured backdrop to the bar makes up for it. If it gets too crowded you can always clamber up onto the podium and look and feel like the shit above everyone else. If the standard chart music isn’t to your taste, you can make you way down the spiral staircase to the crypt. With R&B classics playing such as Bump n Grind and anything by Kanye and more recently Skepta, it really is the place where people get down and dirty and sweaty with people making out all around you.

We are lucky for such a small club for there to be four bars to ease the crowds and even have one champagne bar for the more high-end clubbers such as the Warriors or cricketers who have come to let their hair down. There are also meet and greets with people like Jamie Laing, Scotty T and even X Factor finalists. However, the only true celebrity there is Precious, one that the boys will never know or see. Any girl who has been out to Bushies will know Precious: the friendliest face in the girls toilets. Always up for a chant of “freshen up your poonanny| to rally us up and even giving an extra cheeky spray of perfume up your skirt incase you get lucky.

Love it or hate it, you will always have a good night and see people you haven’t seen in years. It may not compare to nights out wherever you are at uni, but it will never change and that’s one of the best things about it.