Man caught touching himself under desk in Robinson library

‘He got his dick out and was feeling himself up’

A man has been escorted out of the Robinson library after apparently “touching himself” underneath his work desk.

Third year Helen was sitting near the tall black male when it happened this morning.

She said: “This guy was sat next to me and my two friends in the far corner of the fourth floor in the Robinson. He kept staring at us and every time I looked over he was getting more and more awkward.

It happened this morning

“The next time I look over he’s got his dick out under the table and he’s feeling himself up. I immediately went down to tell the reception lady but when I came back up he was gone, but left his books on the table.

“I thought he might have gone for good, but five minutes later he was back so I went straight back down to tell the lady.

“Whilst I was downstairs, my friend said he got his dick out again and was touching himself up. A security man and another lady then came up to speak to the guy, telling him he was being inappropriate and was making us feel uncomfortable.

“They then asked him to move and took his name down. He said he didn’t have his student card so I guess they don’t know if he was telling the truth about his name.

“The security man said there was another similar incident last week so it may have been the same guy.”

Third year Luke also saw the incident happen. “When the security guard came over, the guy looked pretty shifty. He looked like he knew he’d been caught out.”