Fittest Freshers: Round two

Fit n’ Fresh

They are back.

Last week we got some hearts racing with the new fitties on the scene, but don’t set your targets yet as there’s more boys to put to the test.

After yet another week of gruelling investigation we’ve found another five from the top cut of fresh meat. Safe to say you will not been disappointed.

Here are a few more of those faces to grace the toon with their presence.

Time to objectify boys and get judging.

Max Desoutter, 19

Relationship status: Single

Course: Geography

Fave chat up line: “The word of the day is legs. Come back to mine so we can spread the word?”

Rufus Wilkinson, 19

Relationship status: Single

Course: Geography and Planning

Fave chat up line: “Can I pay you for sex?”

Todd Fin, 20

Relationship status: Taken

Course: Law

Fave chat up line: “I’m a virgin.”

Harvey Crawford, 19

Relationship Status: Single

Course: Economics

Fave chat up line: “If I toss a coin, what are the chances of me getting head?”

Benedict Thornton Douglas Wigmore, 19

Relationship Status: Single

Course: Architecture

Fave chat up line: “Hi my name is Doug. Thats god spelt backwards with a little bit of u in it.”