Crabs spotted crawling along Gateshead Metro platform

It’s a snappy service

Crabs have been spotted crawling off a train along the Gateshead platform.

Passengers were pinching themselves, as the crabs appeared to be heading back to Tynemouth after a big day out, in the video which was posted on twitter at 1:30 PM yesterday.

The crabs were spotted on Gateshead platform

According to Metro officials,  a passenger was holding a bag of live crabs which split open, leaving his pincer-y pals  waiting for the next train.

A Metro spokesman said: “The cleaner removed the crabs from the platform at Gateshead Metro Station after a passenger dropped them when their carrier bag split open.”

Andrew snapped a video of the crabs

Andrew, who posted the video said: “It’s amazing to see a Metro pull up and see a different class of passenger being removed. Maybe they didn’t have a ticket. Metro staff dealt with it, albeit a tad roughly.”

The crabs were whisked away by cleaners, and the Metro’s snappy service continued.

Watch the video here: