Facebook group promises Project-X style parties in Jesmond

It could be a free for all

A group on Facebook called “House Parties in Newcastle” claims to promote huge parties across the Toon.

The group, which uses a Project-X style pic as its cover photo, has taken off with 3.8k North East party-goers attending.

The facebook page nearly has 4000 members

The page encourages people who are “feeling brave” to post details of their their house parties on the site for people to join.

They promise to bring along a “sound system, decks, DJ, red cups and bottles” to parties they like the sound of.

Similar pages have been created in Manchester, Belfast and Leeds.

Jesmond hosted the well-known M&S/S&M party last year

Many are skeptical about the new page, with one atendee saying: “Is this a joke?!”

This could just be a big joke set up by Spring Break Amsterdam, a company promoting a package holiday.

Other party-ready students are loving the idea, Newcastle second-year Stephen Graham said: “If it is true, I think it’s a cool idea, especially if you get the free DJ and alcohol. But, I doubt anyone will be stupid enough to let so many people trash their house.”

Someone knows how to party

Some on the other hand believe the pages claims and are party ready. One girl posted: “this is the most radge page ever”, while another pleasure-seeker posted his plans to “shit in someone’s kettle.”

However, It also seems that the page has already been the target of a number of Facebook hijacks, with plenty of posts popping up which have not been followed up or taken down very quickly.

Students will have to wait and see this year whether this group becomes famous, or a flop.