Majority of Newcastle finalists will vote Tory

Is anyone surprised?

More than a third of Newcastle’s class of 2015 say they will vote Tory on Thursday.

According to a survey of over 500 finalists shows voting intentions, 35% of final years will support blue.

They are however followed not far behind by the Greens at 29%, beating Labour’s 27%.

Cameron chins pints

Rachel, third-year politics said: “The Green party are a new fashion for alternative parties amongst edgy tree-hugging people”.

Despite this, Labour MP, Nick Brown, who currently holds the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne East seat, is sitting on a 99% chance of maintaining power compared to a 1% chance of a Conservative win (sorry, everyone else).

Emily, third-year politics says the result is “unsurprising” and Ben, studying for a politics PhD says the result illustrates the “large right-wing demographic at Newcastle”.

We won’t be waving our nationalist flags any time soon, however, as UKIP came in at a mere 1%.

The LibDems mustered a classically unexciting 3%.

Despite the close proximity to the Scottish border, Sturgeon has failed to reach any of the students in the toon, with a negligible ‘–%’.

Conservative candidate and MP for Hexham, Guy Opperman, urges people to turnout of 7th May, especially as we will “soon find ourselves in the world of work” and that it “is only the Conservative Party who can be relied upon to create jobs and growth here in the North East”.

Only time will tell in what is said to be one of the most uncertain elections in British political history.