Metro meltdown! Large fire closes Monument station

Don’t worry – the metro’s running normally

Flames are now under control after a large fire broke out in Newcastle’s Monument Station and caused the station to close this afternoon.

Five fire engines, an Ambulance, and several unmarked police vehicles attended the scene at around 12:30 this afternoon, and large crowds gathered around the area to see what was happening.

Both entrances were sealed off by police, fire brigades and Metro staff to prevent the public accessing the station. Fire engines were seen pumping water from water hydrants near the station.

As one of the four underground stations on the metro network Monument serves as a crucial station to help the flow of people on the 60-station network system.

Station staff told The Tab they were “unsure when the station would re-open” but assured us that the system was still “fully operational” at the moment.

As well as commuters being stranded in the square this afternoon, the space was also packed with a Green Party rally with TV crews and reporters capturing the action.