How many people have you slept with since you started uni?

There were no virgins

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We loitered around campus asking people how many people they had slept with since starting uni – because why not?

Laura, English literature, second year

Sarah, second year


Luke, second year

Anonymous but ‘proud’

Theo, Geography, second year

Darah, Architecture, third year

“Sports Wednesdays are the best place to get laid!”

Alex, third year

Olivia, geography and business, third year

Greg, second year

Moojan, second year

Amelia, law, second year

Clare, architecture, third year

Will, graduate

Here’s what people had to say on the subject:

“People should be more open, do it more and be less ashamed”, Kate, second year.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal”, anonymous. How ironic.