Toon Talent

With the winter getting closer, we decide things need a bit of heating up…


We had a stalk of the Campus to find some hotties.

The Girl Next Door:

Recently back on the dating scene, Alice Commins is the ultimate natural blonde. But for all you boys who think blondes are just out to have fun, think again… an orthodox Catholic, Alice says ‘chastity bands over one night stands.’

  The Mythical Fit Ginger:

3rd year, English

For all you doubters out there who thought you could write off the entire auburn race, think again. This fiery red head’s favourite chat up line is: “Hi I’m Freddie Rose… it may not be Flintstone but I’ll still make your Bedrock.” Easy tiger…

The Sassy Mama:

3rd year, Classical History

Tula Fazakerly, the tiny girl with the massive afro is known as Mama T to her friends. When asked to describe herself in three words she flicked that incredible hair and said ‘you’ll need more than three, honey…’

The Boy You’d Introduce To Your Mum:

3rd year, Engineering

 The perfect gentleman Guy Carmichael is definitely the sort of boy you’d take home to your parents, and he has cheek bones you could grate cheese on. Not only does he resemble Edward Cullen, but his idea of a romantic evening includes Camembert, wine, and Pavarotti. Form an orderly queue here, ladies!


3rd year, Politics

Belle Hardinge: those lips, those eyes, THAT cameo on Made In Chelsea…everyone’s favourite BNOC looks every bit as good on campus as she does on camera. Not just a pretty face, Belle is hoping MIC will be the perfect stepping stone towards realising her ultimate dream of becoming Prime Minister.

The Rugby Boy:

3rd year, Geography

Sam Noggers has been re-dubbed Snoggers, and it’s easy to see why…He’s an Ex Wasps rugby player and certainly has the physique to match! Make sure you say his name at pretty much any club in the Toon to get guestlist prices.