BNOC of the Year: Group One

An eclectic mix of 7 potential BNOCs kick off our first group of nominations. Let’s begin.

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With the nominations in, here is the first group to choose from:

Niall James Grant

Respect, player.

He may wear glasses but don’t be fooled. This guy is a player. Often seen in black tie flirting outrageously and having been called a BNOC by his mates since freshers, he seems to have something of a cult following. How big is the cult? We’ll find out.

Miles Freeman

Pardy hardy

The DOS clothing patron has struck up quite a following since the success of his clothing brand. Enjoys the edgier side of life which leads him to collaborate with the Cosmic Ballroom and WHQ crowd. A prime Jesmond resident, does this entrepreneur get your vote?

Jenhai Alman

A huge name in the Ridley building, our first female nomination comes as a relative mystery. She’s the Psychology School Rep and is from Gibraltar. Continental, clever and cultural. Enough? You decide.

James Robinson

Beer, beer, beer, I’m going for a beer.

This guy just loves beer! For some a pre-requisite for a BNOC, so for you this is your man. Look at the glee on his face. He’s a big fan of George Michael so if you want to party, he’s your man.

Gus Young

Cheers 😉

You may have seen this guy at the end of one of our videos: “At the end of the day there’s only one thing that matters…it’s facking football.” This geezer’s so hard even his nightmares are scared of him. A Uni-X faithful although not one of the infamous and dreaded Facebook inviters, he’s had a few beers in his time, sue him.

Edward Baker Danis

Here he is!

Our first Northumbria nomination is studying Building Surveying and enjoys a good skateboard from time to time. The friend who nominated him said that Mr. Danis could be described as ‘ineffable’ or ‘ubiquity’: long words for a Northumbria student.

Max Elton

Reach up for the stars

You may have seen him whizzing around campus and Jesmond on his scooter sporting pink jeans and cowboy boots. You’ve got to give him credit for his flair, but do his antics warrant BNOC status?