Krispy Kreme buzz in Jesmond

Doughnut fans go wild for new addition!

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Just when you began to think that Waitrose was getting the upper hand in the Jesmond area, Tesco has upped its game.

The introduction of the world-renowned Krispy Kreme cupboard has arrived, much to the delight of many students.

What students plan to spend their dough on!

It appears to be a popular hit with the majority of the pastries disappearing at an increasingly quick rate.

Not only this but Twitter has been lit up with comments of joy from locals and students alike.


Henry Campbell, 3rd year Geography student told The Tab: “this is the best thing to happen in Jesmond since that milking video.”

It seems that it hasn’t please all though. Others are worrying more about their winter bodies coming to fruition with the help of these bad boys.

So if you fancy something sweet this evening, be sure to pop down to the Jesmond Tesco to pick up one of these doughnut delicacies!