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Fun Time Over as University makes signing into lectures compulsory

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Newcastle students have returned this semester to find it is now necessary to sign into every lecture.

The ability to miss that 9:00am lecture may be in jeopardy as the establishment cracks down.

The announcement has raised uproar and shock and Newcastle student Thomas Kimmins, 21, studying Politics jokingly told The Tab: “I simply couldn’t imagine having to attend lectures on a Tuesday morning with a cracking hangover”.

The new changes come into force after the UK Border Agency revoked London Metropolitan University’s license to sponsor foreign students.

Its findings suggested that almost half of overseas students sampled were not attending lectures and almost a quarter were in the UK illegally.

A spokesman for Newcastle University told The Tab: “Every university is obliged to carry out attendance monitoring to certify at any time, to any visit by the UKBA, that an international student is present on campus and engaged in their studies.

“Failure to engage in such measures leaves the university at risk of severe sanctions.

“At Newcastle we are currently looking at all different methods of capturing attendance data electronically which are currently being used in UK schools and in other UK universities.”

Could this be leading to Newcastle University becoming even more of a nanny state?