Factory to open tomorrow for the first time since the bouncer assault video

Bouncers will be wearing body cameras

Factory is set to reopen tomorrow for the first time since their licence was suspended last month.

After footage of eight bouncers assaulting two 18 year olds on the second of December made national headlines, Factory agreed to a temporary suspension of its licence.

At review conducted after the incident, it was agreed that Factory's licence would be reinstated under certain conditions. This meant opening hours would have to be be reduced, door supervisors would have to wear body cameras and high-vis uniforms, and all incidents of physical assault would have to be reported to Greater Manchester Police.

The hearing also found that, of the 34 assault crimes that took place at Factory in 2018, only four had been reported to the police – some of which included the door staff at the venue.

The eight bouncers who appeared in the video have since been sacked by their employer, Personal Security. Seven of them were later arrested. Factory confirmed in a statement they had terminated their contract with Professional Security and that they were "appalled" by the incident.

The club will be reopening tomorrow as part of an event titled "Remember Me? Fac251 Re-launch". Tickets can be purchased from Skiddle.