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These are the 12 conditions Factory must meet when they reopen

Bouncers will use body cameras and metal detector wands


On the 2nd December, Factory was closed after eight bouncers were filmed assaulting Joe Sharratt and Leon Cooper. All of the bouncers involved in the incident were sacked, four men were arrested, and Factory's license was suspended.

After review yesterday, their license was reinstated and the club will reopen by the 18th January. Factory must now meet these 12 new conditions to their license before they reopen.

Reduced opening hours

As part of the licensing agreement, Factory will now have to reduce their opening hours. They will now close at 3.30am Sunday – Thursday and 4.30am Friday and Saturday, with last orders for drinks half an hour before closing time.

First aid on call at all times

Qualified first aiders will now have to be on duty at all times the premises are open, with a primary concern for customers' safety and welfare.

All Factory door supervisors will now have to wear body cameras

Stated in the licensing conditions, all Factory doormen will now have to wear body cameras: "Footage of incidents recorded on body-worn video will be downloaded and stored for a period of 28 days, and available for viewing and downloading to disk/USB device by police officers on request. Door supervisors will be given training on how to use body-worn videos, and this training will be documented."

High-vis uniform

All Factory door supervisors have to wear high-vis uniform to make sure they're easily recognisable as door supervisors.

One door staff member to 75 customers

Door staff at Factory will now be employed on a one to 75 ratio of staff to customers.

Documented and recorded training of all Factory door staff

Factory door staff will now have to meet new training regulations, which will be recorded and documented.

A full list of all door staff working the night of the assault

Factory have to provide Greater Manchester Police with a full list of all individual door staff working the night Joe Sharratt and Leon Cooper were assaulted and ensure no one on that list is employed directly or through a third party contractor at Factory.

Covert mystery shopper visits

Mystery shoppers will now visit the premises to assess procedures and conduct of Factory door supervisors and report back to GMP.

Metal detector wands

"At least one metal detection wand will be used at the entrance of the premises on every trading night."

All crimes to be immediately reported to the police

Any crimes or incidents involving physical harm occurring at the Factory premises will now have to be immediately reported to GMP.

Documented duty of care policy on the premises

Factory will now have a documented duty of care policy on the premises at all times to ensure staff know the procedures for dealing with intoxicated or vulnerable customers.

Direct contact details of the manager

The manager of Factory's contact details will be made publicly available at all times the premises is open, including to residents in the area.

You can read the list in full here.