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Factory have had their license reinstated and will reopen by the 18th January

Bouncers will have to wear body cameras


Factory have had their license reinstated with an additional twelve conditions following a hearing at Manchester Town Hall today. They now have 21 days to implement the changes to their license, meaning they will reopen by the 18th January.

Reported by Manchester Evening News, Carmine Grimshaw, committee chair, stated the committee does not feel revoking Factory’s licence would be appropriate or proportionate.

Factory was closed and their license was suspended after eight bouncers were filmed assaulting Joe Sharratt and Leon Cooper. All of the bouncers involved in the incident were sacked and four were arrested after a video of the incident went viral.

Factory have now appealed to reopen the club next weekend. Greater Manchester Police have requested Factory do not reopen for New Years' Eve, which was accepted.

Factory's lawyer Paddy Whur stated at the meeting that the club want to ensure their customers understand the need for an emphasis on checks and for customers to behave well at the club.

Speaking on behalf of Factory, Paddy Whur also denied claims there was an attempt to cover up the incident, also explaining the medic who normally works at the club was not present as they were working at Warehouse Project that night.

However, they also promised to report any crimes to GMP immediately. Other new proposals from Factory include a promise to search clubbers with a metal detector wand, that new door supervisors will wear body cameras and covert mystery shoppers will check employee conduct regularly. Factory will now also have to close club nights earlier.

Factory have been contacted for comment.