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All the bouncers involved in the incident at Factory have been sacked

All eight men have lost their jobs with Professional Security

Professional Security, the third party security firm used by Factory nightclub have confirmed today that all eight bouncers have been sacked.

The news comes after footage was circulated online of two 18 year old men being punched and kicked outside of Factory nightclub on Saturday.

Joe Sharrett, a St Helen's rugby league player, remains in hospital with a "serious head injury" following the incident.

Footage has emerged from the beginning of the fight. The door staff can be seen punching one man in the kidneys, and knocking another to the floor.

The operations director of the company, Gordon Lamb told the Manchester Evening News: "Following an incident which took place outside Factory nightclub in Manchester in the early hours of Sunday we have commenced a full investigation.

"We are working closely with the local authorities, police, and the Security Industry Authority to ensure that appropriate action is taken swiftly against all members of security personnel involved.

"As a company, our primary focus is on upholding the highest standards. We have been an SIA Approved Contractor for 12 years, achieving some of the highest scores in the industry over recent years as a result of our commitment to compliance.

"We were appalled by the behaviour of the door supervisors shown in the footage of this incident, which contradicts everything that we strive to achieve at Professional Security.

"The door supervisors involved have all had their employment terminated with immediate effect as I personally was disgusted an appalled by their behaviour following the initial incident at Factory where the door supervisors attended an altercation involving the males that took place inside the venue."

Factory confirmed in a statement they had terminated their contract with Professional Security, and that they are "appalled" by the incident. However, Factory also confirmed that they are working alongside the third party security firm with Greater Manchester Police to investigate the incident.