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Introducing: Fallowfield’s Fittest THE WINNER

The girl I want to couple up with is…

Parklife transport unaffected as tram strike is called off

The four day Metrolink strike would have ‘clashed’ with Parklife

Vote for Fallowfield’s Fittest: THE FINAL

Procrastination at its finest

A student has graffitied ‘f*ck uni, drop out’ on the roof of the library

He was escorted off campus by police

Vote for Fallowfield’s Fittest: Heat Three

Feast your eyes on the crème de la crème of Manchester’s students

Vote for Fallowfield’s Fittest: Heat Two

Wit-wooooo it’s heat two

Vote for Fallowfield’s Fittest: Heat One

Some eye candy for you on this dreary day

Nominations are officially open for Fallowfield’s Fittest 2019

We won’t tell if you nominate yourself x

All the bouncers involved in the incident at Factory have been sacked

All eight men have lost their jobs with Professional Security

Students warned not to read UoM professor’s essay on personal devices over concerns of radicalisation

The essay was essential reading for third year politics students

This crusty old Tory MP just blocked the bill to make upskirting a criminal offence

Even other Conservative MPs are livid

Charlie Bartlett’s death has been confirmed as accidental

His body was found on a building site in May last year following his disappearance after the OP ball

An MMU grad has admitted involvement in a ‘neo-Nazi’ plot to kill a labour MP

He also pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill a police officer and is accused of child sex offences

Take this very accurate quiz to find out if you should pick Alex or Eyal in tonight’s recoupling

Head or heart? That’s the question

Meet the Manchester students deciding to go out without taking illegal drugs

They do exist

Here’s all the best tweets from Parklife 2018

LG’s ‘Parkalife’ tweet was iconic

Here’s how to beat the post-Parklife blues

Only 365 days to wait ’til the next one

Parklife 2018: The best dressed from this weekend

Parkalife x

A barbecue resulted in a house fire on Egerton Road at the weekend

Students in surrounding properties have been temporarily moved out of their houses

The summer Pangaea: Made in Manchester line up has been released

And on the seventh day, God announced the Pangaea line up

Which Greggs menu item is your uni?

Reading this deffo counts as pro-crust-ination

The Gym Fallowfield has been CLOSED

It’s only been open for just over two months

Two students were hit by a car and assaulted with a knife and a wrench on Ladybarn Lane

The muggers also took the student’s takeaway pizza

A student has reported experiencing homophobic behaviour from a campus security guard

The student and her girlfriend were approached in the main library cafe

Naked Attraction are looking for contestants in Manchester

This is an excellent opportunity to show your genitals on telly

Two students claim they have been ‘racially profiled’ by Ali G staff after being stopped in connection with a stolen laptop

They were the only two targeted, and the only non-white students entering Ali G at the time

Sacha Baron Cohen to receive an honorary degree from UoM for his contribution of ‘Ali G’

‘We wanted to commemorate him for all the hard work done in his character’s name’

Reports of smoke above Fifth Ave nightclub with two fire engines on the scene

This club is on fiyaaaaaah

‘We used to go to The Haçienda all the time’: We spoke to Brian Cox about his time as a Manchester student

According to the prof, your experience is more valuable than your grades

There’s a free art exhibition at The Whitworth showcasing art from Manchester’s homeless shelters

The event is organised by Love for the Streets

We spoke to the guy from the ‘Dirty Truth Behind Antwerp’s Closure’ video

He’s here to tell us some COLD, HARD FACTS

This escort gives student discounts – all you have to do is show her your NUS card

She gave out wristbands during Freshers’ Week

Someone has covered the graffiti swastikas by Fallowfield Sainsbury’s with black spray paint

They have ‘scribbled out’ the vile graffiti and written ‘do not’

Going to Sin and Bushwackers in Worcester is the most tragic night out, but we can’t resist it

Freshen up your poonani

Someone has graffitied swastikas on the walls outside Fallowfield Sainsbury’s

There are three red swastikas visible from the Sainsbury’s car park

It’s official: Alex Burke is Manchester’s most eligible bachelor

Your king has been crowned with 4,733 votes

Bow down, Manchester: Florence Rowson-Stevens is The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette

Your kween has been crowned with 2,843 votes

FSG is starting a ‘funniest comment of the month’ competition

Arm yourselves with your best memes

UoM now has a cocktail society

They’ve shortened it to cock-soc lol

Somebody posted about their student house’s cat on FSG and now everyone is claiming she’s theirs


The Parklife lineup has been leaked early and we’ve got it here for you to feast your eyes on

As you were LG x

The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

How can you possibly choose?

The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: THE FINAL

Damnnnnnnn all these beautiful girls

You can get up to 90 per cent off food in Manchester today

Dinner out anyone???

2017: The year that everyone started pooing all over Fallowfield

Holy shit, it’s an epidemic

Font are giving away free prosecco all day today

It’s Fridaaaaaaaay

Love for the Streets are holding an LGBTQ+ and women in homelessness conference tomorrow

They’re two groups who are often neglected when addressing homelessness

Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: heat one

All the single ladies

Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: heat one

Doin’ it for the boooooys

Fallow Cafe are now closing early on weeknights

No more nightcaps at Fallow

Nominations are now open for The Tab Manchester’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Yes, you can nominate yourself

An open letter to people who speak in the library

I can hear you “whispering”

Meet the MMU second year changing the student app game

He’s using his student experience to improve yours

Mr Gaff has lost his cat

She went missing last night

We asked Sigma how to make it as a DJ

Tag your DJ mates lol

Scientists at MMU are testing the strength of weed in Manchester

All very scientific, of course

Peep Show’s Super Hans is DJing at the Manchester Academy


Exclusive: University of Manchester professor’s sexist and xenophobic Twitter feed exposed

He made sexist remarks about a Cambridge student recently

Everything you need to know about the UoM Student’s Union Safety Initiative

The SU have released a statement detailing how to keep as safe as possible as a student

Alex Mytton is DJing at the Manchester Academy tomorrow

You know, that guy from Made In Chelsea?

Factory kicked out a team GB para-athlete for sitting down

The Tab Manchester spoke to Josh about the incident

UoM staff have announced an official strike

The strike is in protest of over 140 redundancies

Manchester’s NSS boycott was so successful that we weren’t included in this year’s rankings

The National Student Survey was boycotted due to its links with rising tuition fees

Salford uni SU president accused of sparking controversy after tweeting she would ‘oppress white people’

She also made comments on Ask FM about an ‘Islamic takeover’

Stop everything, First Dates is looking for singles in Manchester next weekend

The show is scouting singles for First Dates and First Dates Hotel

A man has died after being ‘pushed into a moving tram’ at Victoria Station

GMP have confirmed that a 31-year-old woman is in custody on suspicion of murder, following the incident

University of Manchester comes in at 34 in the QS World University Rankings 2018

We were only beaten by 6 UK universities

We spoke to the Philosophy student who wrote her dissertation on whether Bottlenose Dolphins could be considered people

Apparently, they can

This Man Met student was living in a homeless hostel before he started uni, now he owns his own award winning company

Started from the bottom

Everyone can relax, the royal family have visited Manchester and everything is better now

Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence

Pig heads, lost teeth and misplaced pills: The best posts from Fallowfield Students this year

Remember the fish in the letterbox lol

Students evacuated from Victoria Park and surrounding areas due to ‘police operation’

It’s unclear whether this is directly related to the incident with a ‘suspicious package’ found on the University of Manchester’s Oxford Road campus

Parklife will go ahead as planned despite the recent Manchester terror attacks

‘We are certain we will not be defeated by such cowardice’

A house has been raided in Fallowfield in connection with last night’s attack

Twitter users posted videos of police and bomb squads in the area

Manchester Victoria station has been evacuated following an incident at MEN Arena

The station has been evacuated after two loud bangs were heard and lines coming out are apparently blocked

It’s official, the students of Manchester will be voting Labour in the snap general election

Over 65 per cent of Manchester students said they will be voting Labour on the 8th June

Can we just talk about how Zach Dempsey is 13 Reason Why’s most overlooked character?

Justice for Zach

Teen Vogue just compared Cara Delevingne’s new shaved head hairstyle to Britney’s 2007 breakdown

Mocking someone’s mental health isn’t cool guys

Tom Hardy has been spotted in Manchester

This is not a drill

The rugby team wore bras to the AU to raise awareness for CoppaFeel!

It’s a charity working to stamp out late detection of breast cancer

Manchester is going to have a Pret on campus next year

It’s part of the £1 billion campus development

You can win Victoria’s Secret PINK goodies at the SU

It’s *exclusively* for UoM students

You can get free Starbucks in Manchester this week

Yeah it’s basic but it’s FREE

There’s now a Five Guys in the Arndale Centre

Is it acceptable to spend your entire student loan on burgers?

Do you live in the worst student accommodation in Manchester?

We want to know your student home horror stories

SU election results 2017: meet the new team

You voted for them, now here they are

Look how glorious Manchester is in the spring sunshine

There’s no place I’d rather be

There’s literally an all you can eat pizza and bottomless prosecco bar opening in Manchester

Challenge accepted

University of Manchester ranked fourth globally for Nursing

Manchester ranks in the top 50 of 30 different subject areas, including Social Sciences and Performing Arts

Meet Alice Smith, voted Manchester’s most powerful student

She’s treasurer of the women’s rugby club, is a young ambassador for Endometriosis UK, AND she’s been on the Young Apprentice

Why Barbie is my feminist icon

We should all be Barbie girls, or whichever non-binary gender term you prefer

Manchester is the number one place in the UK for nightlife and culture

As if we didn’t already know

Voting is now open for the Students’ Union elections

Voting closes 9th March

All the stupid stuff you’ll try and give up for Lent

Lets face it, you’ve already caved

‘It was to put girls in their place’: A male teacher explains how he really feels about school uniforms

‘There’s something creepy about a man looking at a girl’s skirt length’

You can get free beer in Manchester today if your name is David

All you need is an ID and a Dave

Every single story the Tab Manchester broke that went national

Who run the world?

Confessions of an Oak House fresher

If you say it’s shit you’re just jealous

Yolandi the escapee tarantula is Manchester’s maddest fresher

The party animal who trekked accross 24 Oak House bedrooms in search of the sesh

Introducing The Tab Manchester Power List

Meet Manchester’s finest

Free speech fundamentalist Milo Yiannopoulos is an ex Manchester student

And he wrote for The Tab