Lottie Tiplady-Bishop
Manchester Editor of The tab

All the bouncers involved in the incident at Factory have been sacked

All eight men have lost their jobs with Professional Security

Students warned not to read UoM professor’s essay on personal devices over concerns of radicalisation

The essay was essential reading for third year politics students

This crusty old Tory MP just blocked the bill to make upskirting a criminal offence

Even other Conservative MPs are livid

Charlie Bartlett’s death has been confirmed as accidental

His body was found on a building site in May last year following his disappearance after the OP ball

An MMU grad has admitted involvement in a ‘neo-Nazi’ plot to kill a labour MP

He also pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill a police officer and is accused of child sex offences

Take this very accurate quiz to find out if you should pick Alex or Eyal in tonight’s recoupling

Head or heart? That’s the question

Meet the Manchester students deciding to go out without taking illegal drugs

They do exist

Here’s all the best tweets from Parklife 2018

LG’s ‘Parkalife’ tweet was iconic

Here’s how to beat the post-Parklife blues

Only 365 days to wait ’til the next one

Parklife 2018: The best dressed from this weekend

Parkalife x

A barbecue resulted in a house fire on Egerton Road at the weekend

Students in surrounding properties have been temporarily moved out of their houses

The summer Pangaea: Made in Manchester line up has been released

And on the seventh day, God announced the Pangaea line up

The Gym Fallowfield has been CLOSED

It’s only been open for just over two months

Two students were hit by a car and assaulted with a knife and a wrench on Ladybarn Lane

The muggers also took the student’s takeaway pizza

A student has reported experiencing homophobic behaviour from a campus security guard

The student and her girlfriend were approached in the main library cafe

Naked Attraction are looking for contestants in Manchester

This is an excellent opportunity to show your genitals on telly

Two students claim they have been ‘racially profiled’ by Ali G staff after being stopped in connection with a stolen laptop

They were the only two targeted, and the only non-white students entering Ali G at the time

Sacha Baron Cohen to receive an honorary degree from UoM for his contribution of ‘Ali G’

‘We wanted to commemorate him for all the hard work done in his character’s name’

Reports of smoke above Fifth Ave nightclub with two fire engines on the scene

This club is on fiyaaaaaah

‘We used to go to The Haçienda all the time’: We spoke to Brian Cox about his time as a Manchester student

According to the prof, your experience is more valuable than your grades