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Factory’s licence has been suspended

It will be closed until a review is completed


Factory has had its licence suspended in a meeting with Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police.

Following a video showing factory bouncers assaulting a pair of young men, including a UoM fresher, Manchester City Council have been holding an emergency meeting to determine the future of the venue.

The suspension will last until a full review into the events of Saturday night can be completed before the New Year. Factory did not challenge the suspension.

At the meeting, Alan Isherwood, of the Greater Manchester police said: "Over the past 12 months there were 34 Assault crimes at Factory. The club has reported only four of them". Some of these crimes were alleged to have involved door staff.

Isherwood said of the video that Joe Sharatt, who suffered a bleed on the brain and is currently in hospital, was treated as a "punchbag".

Mark Barker, told the hearing he "cradled" Joe's head in his arms and checked his breathing while waiting for an ambulance. None of the door staff assisted him. Joe's friend Leon, the other victim in the video, said: "I wasn't trying to attack [the bouncers], I was just trying to get to my mate. I tried to help him but they were just hitting me".

Superintendent Chris Hales said the footage left him "disturbed, upset and disgusted".

The bouncers involved were sacked, and Factory have severed ties with Professional Security, the company who employed them.