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The Tesco Express in Fallowfield is closing down

It’s closing permanently in three weeks time

Fallowfield's Tesco Express store will close down later this month.

Man Met student Isaac Dixon asked Tesco's Twitter account whether the store was closing and they replied confirming its closure.

The shop will close on October 6th and raises questions over the future of Fallowfield's Post Office, which is currently based inside the Tesco Express store.

Whilst there is a massive Sainsbury's almost directly opposite the Wilmslow Road store, Tesco Express opens earlier and closes later. Sainsbury's is only open from 8am – 10pm.

Sainsbury's also closes at 4pm on Sundays, so you may well find yourself doing your evening food shop at New Zealand Wines if you don't get out of bed before it's dark.

Somewhat surprisingly, Tesco told Isaac they don't actually know why their Fallowfield store is closing down.

Back in 2015, the store's cash machine malfunctioned, giving out double the cash requested with each withdrawal.

Weeks later, Tesco Bank confirmed that everyone who cashed in on the free money would get to keep it.

The company has also repeatedly been derided on Twitter for failing to remove graffiti from the front of the Fallowfield store.