The cash machine by Fallowfield Tesco was giving out free cash last night

When you pressed 10 it gave you 20

Last night, the ATM machine by Tesco Express in Fallowfield was giving out double the amount of cash it should have been. 

From about 10.30pm, the cash machine started giving out £20 notes when asked for £10.

Students soon realised that they were receiving double the amount of cash without being charged for the extra.

Once word got out that the machine was essentially giving out free cash, a queue began to form on Wilmslow Road.

People were still queuing at midnight, with some people waiting for over an hour to get their hands on some free money.

Jack who had been waiting there told us: “I technically drew out £50 but the machine gave me £100”.

Molly, Fashion student. Jack, Graphic Design student.

Some people got carried away and one boy was pushed over by the crowds after trying to withdraw too much.

The machine was not consistently giving out double cash, hence not everyone in the queue managed to receive their “free” money.

Today, the machine is out of service.

It is yet to be confirmed if people will have to repay the cash, but for now Fallow students are rejoicing in their newfound prosperity.