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Sam Warrenger

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Manchester is the UK’s most liveable city

13 places ahead of London

The strikes saved the University of Manchester over £1 million

And they’re only reimbursing £50 each

A student has been arrested after they took ‘fake acid’ and smashed windows in Whitworth Park

Police officers used tear gas to restrain him

There’s a Nigel Farage themed garage night coming to Fallowfield

Because Farage and garage sound similar get it

This is how to make a complaint to the uni about the strikes

If you think a free graduation gown isn’t enough compensation

‘Don’t be a Jew’: First year Anti-Semitic physics group chat exposed

One student commented ‘6 million Jews is not enough’

University of Manchester has disabled ratings on their Facebook page after a flood of negative reviews

Campaigners have been banned from commenting on UoM’s posts

George Osborne was at UoM yesterday and people were not happy

Protesters blasted Lily Allen’s ‘Fxck You’

Pangaea have BANNED glitter

Apparently, glitter is litter

Everywhere near Manchester you need to visit next time the sun comes out

If it ever shows up ever again

Everything that happened at the UoM protest demanding student compensation for the strikes

‘Take Action! UoM’ protested a University senate meeting

There’s going to be a student protest today to demand compensation from the uni due to the UCU strikes

It will coincide with the UoM senate meeting